How to DIY Your Study Space

How to DIY Your Study Space

When it comes to preparing for an exam, knowing how to study is only half the battle. It’s just as important to know where to study. As an LA resident, you have plenty of options. There are coffee shops, parks, libraries, and many other places that you could go for a cram session. But these places often have too many distractions.

Some students choose instead to stay home, with the goal of eliminating distractions. However, what most students overlook is the fact that our homes sometimes have more distractions than anywhere else!

With a few simple steps (and without spending any money), you can have a productive and distraction-free workspace in your very own home.

How to DIY Your Study Space

  • Choose Your Space: Find a room in your home that is ideal for studying. Look for a place that is quiet and away from the center of the action. If you’re in a small apartment, this can sometimes be difficult. Place your desk in a corner, facing a wall, to cut down on distractions. If you don’t have a desk, and need to work at a kitchen table, that’s okay. We’ll talk about strategies later on to help you stay focused.
  • Gather Your Materials: The basics for any study session are headphones, healthy snacks, highlighters, and a laptop or notebook. Before you get in the zone, think about everything you might need. Gather up all your textbooks, notes, and study guides before you sit down, so you don’t have to interrupt the flow once you get started.
  • Eliminate Distractions: First off, make sure your table is clutter-free and only has the essentials. Second, promise yourself that you’re not going to go online! If you’re struggling to hold yourself to this, apps like StayFocused can help you out. Last, turn off your cell phone. Most phones have a “Do Not Disturb” setting that you can use for this, so you’ll still receive your messages, but you won’t be distracted by the notifications.
  • Communicate with Roommates: Another feature of any successful study space is that the other people in the space know not to distract you. Give your roommates or family members a heads-up that you’ll be studying for the next hour and that they shouldn’t distract you unless it’s something urgent.

Do you have a favorite spot when it’s time to hit the books? Share your tips for optimizing your workspace in the comments below!

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