How to Prepare for a Career Fair

LA ORT los angeles trade schoolCareer Fairs are a great opportunity for those seeking jobs, they allow you to meet with a variety of employers in one place on a specific day. To find out when a career fair will be in your area next, just search ‘job fair’ or ‘career fair’ with your desired city name in your online search engine of choice. But once you find a job fair you would like to attend, how do you prepare for it?

To start, try and find out what employers will be attending the fair, some career fair websites will list some, or all, of the businesses that will be in attendance. You can then search the internet for their website or other information on the employer.

These fairs can sometimes bring hundreds or even thousands of potential employers, so they provide a wonderful chance for you to look for jobs you desire or give you the possibility to meet with hiring managers at businesses you might normally overlook. These fairs often allow you the chance to view different opportunities, maybe there is a job out there you are perfect for but didn’t even know it!

LA ORT van nuys and los angeles trade schoolsJob fairs also offer the chance to have on-the-spot interviews, and it is not always companies who attend. Individuals, government jobs agencies, and sometimes non-profits looking to hire come to find employees at these fairs. A few tips if you plan on visiting a career fair are:

Bring multiple copies of your resume – keep them in a folder or binder so they don’t get wrinkled or dirty.

Dress to impress – usually the appropriate attire is business or business casual, if you are not sure then check the job fair website, there will usually be a dress code recommendation.

Prepare a brief introduction for when you meet potential employers, make good eye contact and be confident! Act as if you are in an interview, sometimes on-the-spot interviews are conducted, so be ready and act professional.

Some companies may have you fill out an application online at the venue, or tell you to fill it out at home, others may have you complete a paper application so make sure you have a pen – or a few!

If possible, collect contact information or business cards so you can follow up with the people you meet with later.

Make a plan of attack once you know which employers will be there – decide who you would most like to meet with and make sure you allow yourself time to talk with them.

Some of these employers may want trained individuals, to find out about programs offered at Los Angeles ORT College that could put you ahead and above the rest, please visit our website! We also employ job placement personnel who will do their best to assist you in finding a career, or can give you more tips to help you prepare for one of these fairs.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.