How to Stop Flipping Burgers and Start Your Career

How to Stop Flipping Burgers and Start Your Career

Last week, fast-food workers staged one-day strikes across the nation in an effort to gain higher hourly wages. The struggle brings into focus the difficulty many people in America face trying to earn a living today.

Protesters currently seek a raise in hourly earnings from the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour to $15. While California has its own minimum wage set at $8, protesters argue that it is not a “living wage” and that they are unable to support a family or even get by as a single adult.

According to the Living Wage Calculator developed at MIT, a single adult with no children living in Los Angeles County needs to make at least $11.37 an hour.

A “living wage” is the amount of money a full-time employee must earn each month to cover the average cost of food, housing, transportation, etc. The living wage can change depending on family size, location and other variables.

In a recent opinion piece, the Los Angeles Times editorial staff argue that, while low-wage employees should pursue a living wage, it is unlikely that they will receive the raises they want. Instead, the article suggests helping them advance into better jobs.

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