Industry Advisory Board Meeting Garners Valuable Information for ORT

Recently, Los Angeles ORT College conducted an Industry Advisory board meeting. This gathering allows for an open discussion between the members of different industries, employers and a handful of alumni. These meetings are especially important to the future of ORT because each person is asked to provide feedback on the current training programs, thus enriching the content of ORT’s educational programs. In addition, the participants review and advise on the latest job skills and employment trends in each industry. This valuable knowledge is then incorporated in the programs’ curricula in order to provide the highest level of training to the students and to continue to make ORT’s graduates skills desirable in the current employment market. In this meeting the members of the Industry Advisory Board were separated by their areas of expertise as follows:
   Accounting/ Business managements/ Administrative Assistant
   Digital Media/Computer Graphics/CADD
   Medical Office Management
   Medial Assisting
   Pharmacy Technician
   English as a Second Language (ESL)
Each subcommittee was then given a thorough tour of their respective program’s classrooms by the master teacher. During this tour each guest was fully informed of the program’s lesson plans, curriculum, equipment used, software learned and books required. 
There were several representatives from companies all around Los Angeles offering their expertise and recommendations for ORT. A representative from T-mobile was impressed with the business management program at ORT, “Everything seems to be up to par and date.” While an accountant from Burbank Court advised students on skills that were in demand in his field; “Skills such as accounting payable and receivable, payroll clerk, tax preparer and bookkeeper.” The encouragement wasn’t just for accounting students, a representative from the medical field made it clear that jobs are available in back offices and as x-ray techs, two great starting off points for careers in the medical field.
While it is great to know what is out there, it is also good to know what is expected of students during the interview process. A business management expert highlighted communication, execution and accountability as the three main traits he looks for in a new hire.  An administrative assistant from Gettleson, Witzer and O’Connor echoed the need for exceptional communications skills but also added that a positive attitude, knowledge of Microsoft, Excel, Power Point and a professional appearance are a solid foundation.

The information gathered from the alumni and business professionals is always of great value to ORT. They truly consider all improvements suggested and work tirelessly to stay abreast of the most recent technology and advancements in the industry. Perhaps ORT’s constant and evolving goal for making each student highly marketable is why they have an impressive job placement rate of 89%.
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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.