International Students Find Value at Los Angeles ORT College

International Students Find Value at Los Angeles ORT College

International students face a number of extra challenges. Most notably, they have to deal with added costs of housing, travel, transportation and other living expenses; all without permission to work or ability to recoup any of their daily expenditures. Few schools understand this better than Los Angeles ORT, which is why we go above and beyond to help our international students enroll in our programs.ORT colleges in los angeles international student application

Financial costs for international students add up pretty fast, considering that there are no federal or state financial aid programs for foreign students. . ORT helps international students by getting them in and out with a number of fast-track programs. At our school, you can receive a diploma in eight months or an associate’s degree in one year in the medical, business or technology industries. To lower costs even more, ORT offers special scholarships for international students to make up for lack of government financial aid for these students. In addition, ORT College programs cost about 30% less than the average private accredited American college. This means international students receive a quality private education at a much lower cost. Then there’s the student visa. We try to simplify the student visa process as much as possible. Upon acceptance into one of our programs, students receive an I-20 form. With this form, international students can apply for a student visa through the US Consulate Office in their country. They can even use it to change other types of visas into an F-1 student visa. We assist the international students at every step of the way from application to arrival and settling in Los Angeles. You may be wondering what all this good news means for you after graduation. We have thought of that too! We help international students apply to receive a work permit after graduation, under the OPT (Optional Practical Training) program.

ORT colleges in los angeles esl degree studentsThrough this program, the graduates of our technical programs have the opportunity to stay in the United States on F-1 student visa for an additional year and legally work in a field related to their course of study. Earning an income during that year can offset their living expenses and even recoup part of their paid tuition. This work experience, along with an ORT education, gives international students more professional options in the United States and back home. For those who would like to continue their education to a higher degree or a related program in another institution, the F-1 visa status gives them the ability to transfer to other colleges and universities without reapplying or renewing their student visa. At LA ORT, both domestic and international students benefit from our caring and supportive environment. We understand studying so far from home can cause stress or leave one homesick. In most circumstances, we can modify the student’s academic schedule if they need a break to to visit their family and friends in their home country. If you or someone you know is interested in studying in the United States, contact an advisor at ORT as soon as possible. Your journey abroad awaits you!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.

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