How International Students Can Learn English Fast

How International Students Can Learn English Fast

According to World Atlas, “English, the most spoken language in the world, has 1.5 billion speakers across the world.” With that number of people communicating in English, it is becoming increasingly important to know how to speak in English – especially when it comes to educational and career pathways. Fortunately, there are ways international students can learn English fast.

Attend a Career School That Offers ESL Classes

Rather than attempting to learn English online only, you should enroll in a career and language school, such as LA ORT, that offers an ESL (English as a Second Language) program. For instance, LA ORT offers an English as a Second Language certification program that is designed to teach students English that will help them succeed in the American job market. This is a much better option for international students who need to learn English rather than attending a traditional 4-year college because it allows students to learn English and begin working in America sooner.

Immerse Yourself in the Language

Many believe “the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it.” This is because when you are surrounded by the language, you will be forced to learn it quickly. For instance, students who come to Los Angeles to go to school will be surrounded by English speakers. Everything from what they hear in the classroom to the radio to television will be spoken in English. Plus, all the signage will be written in English, making the English language learner learn to read in English sooner rather than later. LA ORT international students have the opportunity to speak English in their daily lives.

Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More

Finally, you cannot learn English without practicing every day. You need to look for opportunities to read, listen, write, and speak in English every chance you get. That’s another reason why LA ORT students are successful. While enrolled in their career courses, they have opportunities every day to practice English inside and outside the classroom.

LA ORT Offers ESL Plus Other Career Programs Which Will Expand Your Options

Whether you are an international student or a member of the neighboring Hispanic, Russian and Korean communities in Los Angeles, you will find LA ORT is the best place to learn English and work towards your career goals. Both our ESL programs and career programs are designed to help students become successful employees in America. Learn more by visiting or contacting us today at (800) 998-2678.