International Students Value Their Education at LA ORT

International Students Value Their Education at LA ORT

An American education can be the beginning of a better career and even a better life for many people outside the country. With students from the U.S. and around the world, LA ORT enjoys a wonderful diversity. Our faculty, staff and other students love taking part in our school’s welcoming, helpful learning environment.

LA ORT offers numerous Associate Degrees in areas like Accounting, Medicine and Technology to help everyone get a great education, great chance for a better career, and a great start to their American experience.

Support Before, During and After the Classroom

ORT career colleges in los angeles and van nuysLA ORT begins helping students even before they’ve arrive in the country! As soon as you are accepted into your chosen program of study, LA ORT will send an Acceptance Letter and a completed I-20 form to help you receive F-1 student visa from the US Consulate Office in your home country. If you are in the U.S. on a different visa, such as a J-1 or tourist visa, LA ORT can help you convert it into the F-1 student visa.

Paying for international tuition can present trouble for many students, as the usual scholarships and government grants are unavailable to them. The good news is that LA ORT, a non-profit college, has a tuition rate that is about 30% less than typical accredited private college. In addition, LA ORT has its own scholarship program specifically designed for international students to reduce their tuition cost even lower. International students can apply for LA ORT’s scholarships as soon as they enroll.

LA ORT is especially well equipped for students from any country. With a multilingual staff, we make it comfortable for students to discuss their educational plans and concerns without worrying about anything lost in translation. Our staff loves to help!

ORT helps international students who graduate from our technical programs qualify for Optional Practical Training, allowing them to extend their F-1 student visa for another year in order to work legally at a job related to their field of study. It’s a great way to generate an income, gain experience in a new field, and practice English daily!

Learning New Skills, Learning America

ORT colleges in los angeles studentsFor many international students, no matter their English proficiency, coming to America can be a scary experience. Differences in culture may be little, but the stress they can create adds up quickly. For international students, LA ORT provides a great resource for help navigating their new surroundings.

Thanks to years of experience and our commitment to students’ educational experience, LA ORT offers a knowledgeable, warm and welcoming environment for all international students. In fact, many of our students begin their ORT education with beginner-level English skills, earn their ESL diploma and immediately return to school to study in one of our many other programs. It’s a perfect one-two punch for creating new career opportunities!

If you are from another country and are interested in enrolling as an international student at LA ORT, contact an ORT advisor to learn all about the student visa process and discover the opportunities that await!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.