Introducing LA ORT’s Student of the Month

Introducing LA ORT’s Student of the Month

ort-colleges-in-los-angeles-californiaWe are proud to announce LA ORT’s Student of the Month. All of our students work hard towards reaching their career goals and we believe they deserve recognition for their success. Starting now, we will feature an exceptional ORT student every month. Best of all: You can nominate candidates! Yes, fellow students, Instructors and Program Directors are all eligible to recommend an outstanding student as a future Student of the Month.

LA ORT Students of the Month have the following traits:

  • Strong performance in class
  • Great attendance.
  • Positive contributions to the ORT community.
  • An all-around positive and inspiring attitude.

Our March Student of the Month is Juan Hernandez.

Digital Media (AAS degree program)

Nominated by: His Instructor, Zed Saeed
ORT Campus: Los Angeles
Achievements: Juan is a straight A student with exceptional attendance.

digital media degree at a los angeles trade schoolJuan Hernandez chose Digital Media because technology has fascinated him ever since he was a little boy. “I know that in today’s society, the whole world revolves around technology and computers,” he said.

“The world has turned almost completely digital, data no longer appears handwritten on pieces of paper and art has transitioned from paint to pixels. This is why I find Digital Media and video game development, in particular, so appealing: it contains the perfect combination of both computer programming aspect and media design. ”

Juan’s love of playing video games contributed to his passion for digital media, especially video game development. Juan envisions his future in a creative career in game development using his Digital Media skills.

He chose LA ORT College because he wanted a school that would prepare him just the way LA ORT prepares it’s students. LA ORT provides a quality education focused on each student’s career goals and provides extraordinary support.

In addition to Digital Media training, LA ORT provides expanded general knowledge with additional education courses that will help students in their communities and the business world. “The school provides us as students with many opportunities that will help us in the future.”
digital media degree in los angeles californiaDo you have a Student of the Month in mind? Please let the Instructor of their program know and tell them why they’re a standout student. We look forward to hearing from you and recognizing our students for their hard work, great attitudes and dedication.

Congratulations to Juan. Keep pushing those pixels! Can’t wait to play one of your future games!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.