Is College Right for You?

The truth of the matter is that college really isn’t for everyone. Many students (especially in today’s struggling economy) are beginning to realize this and are seeking other ways to get a satisfying career after high school rather than attend a four year university. Whether these students simply have other interests in mind, don’t want to suffer through student loans, or dislike the idea of studying more mandated subjects after high school, they know that college isn’t right for them.
The problem with our education system is that school authorities don’t know this. High-school teachers and system leaders continue to perpetrate the idea that college is the best option for each and every student, no matter what. This causes students who don’t want to go to college to lose interest in their schooling and resort to doing the bare minimum just to get their GED, rather than take interest in their education and chase the career of their choice – thereby effectively wasting the time they spend on their high school education. By encouraging students to explore other options other than the traditional college route, we can help certain students get more out of high school and not check out half-way through.
One way that we can do this is by re-implementing trade schools and vocational schools at the high school level, as well as making sure that these schools put the necessary emphasis on math and writing skills. That way, students who don’t want to go to college can start training for their career before the end of high school and go straight into the job market, if that’s what they prefer. These students will be more interested in what they’re learning and take real stock in their education.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.