Job vs. Career

Job vs. Career

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably had a job before. Whether it was official or not, most people have done some sort of job in their life –some starting as early as high school. A particular job may be challenging and pay well, but having a job is not an exclusive experience.
The work that comes with a job could be menial and done exclusively for the money. One’s performance at a job is not always driven by passion. Yes, of course, there are some people who thoroughly enjoy their job, but the reason it is called a job is because sometimes it does not turn into anything else. It does not take much education and training to start a basic job and a job that does not require skill and education is as quickly lost as it was found. A basic job simply provides a paycheck; it does not necessarily provide fulfillment, security and advancement
A job can turn into a career, but only with extra action and planning. A career is much more than working for a paycheck! Your career starts when you decide what else you want from life and where you want to go. It takes concentrated work and forward thinking.
            Your career is a journey based on a passion. Training and education is usually the necessary first step to begin your path to your career.  Once you identify a career that you are passionate about and you acquire the training and knowledge to start that career, that education provides a lifetime of earning that makes you marketable to employers or as a freelance service provider. A comprehensive education is the first step in shaping your career, then later, internships, externships, entry-level positions, continued training, promotions, etc.  Your career path is created based on your end-goals. In that way, your career is what you want it to be, because it takes you where you choose to go.
LA ORT College is prepared to inform and guide you throughout this experience- even helping with career placement after graduation! We offer programs in Accounting, Business Management, Administrative Assisting, Medical Office Management, Pharmacy, Medical Assisting, Phlebotomy, Digital Media, and Computer Aided Drafting and Design. If you’re a new immigrant, we could also help you with English Language skills to jump-start your career -or to be trained for one!






            You don’t have to work for just a paycheck anymore. Start your path to a meaningful career. Talk to an LA ORT advisor today.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.

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