Jobs Employers Can’t Fill

Although the job market has been improving steadily, few would argue that the employment situation in America is where we would like to be, and many citizens feel that they just can’t seem to find suitable work. There are many reasons for this- applicants don’t possess the necessary training and skill set for the job requirements, demand for certain positions outweighs the supply of applicants, or people don’t see the pay from low grade jobs being enough to warrant getting off unemployment benefits. Whatever the reasons may be, there are jobs in different sectors of the American economy- retail, manufacturing, business, hospitality- that are simply going unfilled. The good news? Five out of the top ten jobs that need filling are specialties of ORT. Enroll with us today to get your degree or diploma in one of the following five categories and be on your way to full employment and benefits:

1.      COMPUTER PROFESSIONALS– With so many employers expanding online and continuing to develop online operations, the demand for software developers and other computer experts has never been higher. ORT offers degrees in Digital Media and Diplomas in Computer Aided Design & Drafting and Computer Graphics & Desktop Publishing.

2.      NURSES– In the last decade the number of nurses entering the job market has increased, but demand is also expected to continue increasing through 2018- leaving a number of nursing positions unfilled. ORT offers a wealth of medical diplomas: Medical Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Office Specialist, and even a degree in Medical Office Management.

3.      ACCOUNTANTS– The demand for professional accountants is so high that employers have a difficult time holding onto them. This is because they are constantly getting better, higher paid offers! ORT offers the standard accounting degree and business management degree, and on top of that offers a more specialized diploma in computerized accounting; something employers are looking for more and more.

4.      SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHERS– Since the failing real estate market has made it harder for people to relocate; there is a widely increasing need for scientific and medical research assistants in rural areas. See one of the medical diplomas or degrees above in the nursing column to see how you can make a difference in a medical or scientific community.

5.      ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS– Quality assistants are becoming harder and harder to fill in the new age of technological expansion and advancement. The two most often cited reasons for these vacancies are lack of on the job experience and simply a lack of skill. The job of maintaining an office is difficult, which is why ORT provides training and a diploma for the position.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.