LA ORT: A Better Way to Earn Your Degree

LA ORT: A Better Way to Earn Your Degree

If you’re considering pursuing an Associate’s Degree at LA ORT, but also wonder what a community college may have to offer, we have some information that we think could help. LA ORT is a non-profit institution with career-focused programs that place you into in-demand jobs! There are many things that LA ORT College offers its attendees that community colleges, unfortunately, just can’t offer.

With so many people graduating with a college degree, the pool of competition for jobs can be large and competitive. Getting an academic education in a community college does nothing to guarantee you a job. Thankfully, pursuing a degree from LA ORT is notjust academic, it is meant for work environment. Our courses teach practical hands-on skills you can apply directly to your field. We offer help throughout your program and active career placement for each student after. Thanks to our hands-on approach, our students had a career placement rate of 90% last year.

Time-Efficient Programs

Many public institutions require many unrelated general education courses and prerequisites that can complicate your education and lengthen your period of attendance. At LA ORT, our programs are focused with a clear-cut completion date. So when you start our program you do not have to worry if certain courses are not offered due to budgetary or enrollment reasons. All courses are guaranteed to be offered on time for your on time graduation.The best part about our Associate degree programs is that most of them can be completed in a single year!

Quality of Private Education
Are you considering a public institution for higher education because you cannot afford the quality of private college education? LA ORT offers the quality of private postsecondary education with affordability of non-profit institution. Combination of federal financial aid and ORT scholarships for eligible students makes the choice of LA ORT for your higher education goals an easy one.

With so many strengths, the choice is clear. Speak to a LA ORT advisor today to start your journey to a new and brighter future!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.