How LA ORT Can Help You Become an Accountant

How LA ORT Can Help You Become an Accountant

Accounting is one of the most in-demand careers in America. Those who work as accountants, as well as those who work as junior accountants or bookkeepers, will find a variety of employment options and earn a steady paycheck. If you are good with numbers and computers, then a career in accounting may be the right one for you!

Accountants Help Everyday People

Typically, when people think of accountants, they think of those who prepare taxes. Tax preparation is a huge part of accounting; however, it is not the only part. There are many accountants who do not prepare taxes. There are also those who focus just on helping individuals like you and me prepare our taxes each year. Additionally, accountants play an important role as individuals accumulate more wealth by helping them maximize their income.

Accountants Help Businesses

Likewise, businesses depend on accountants. Accountants assist businesses by helping them understand their finances, as well as helping businesses navigate long-term liabilities and investments and providing written reports. Accountants are also called upon to suggest ways to reduce costs and improve cash flow. Consulting and auditing are two of the main ways accountants help businesses.

LA ORT’s Accounting Program Provides a Well-Rounded Education

Since individuals with a degree in accounting can be employed in a variety of industries and tasked with different accounting roles, such as tax preparation or auditing, LA ORT strives to provide their students with a well-rounded education. To ensure LA ORT students learn what is necessary for employment as junior accountants or bookkeepers, the Accounting Associate Degree program covers the following:

Cost accounting
Accounting for service business
Accounting for a merchandise business
Accounting for partnerships and corporations
Income tax preparation
Creating reports
Specialized accounting computer software, such as QuickBooks

Let LA ORT Take Your Love for Numbers and Turn It Into a Career

LA ORT’s program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success. Upon earning your AAS in Accounting from LA ORT, you will be able to find employment as a senior bookkeeper or junior accountant in business and accounting industries handling everything from payroll to tax preparation. If you are interested in accounting as a career, visit or contact us today at (800) 998-2678 to learn more.