Land a Good Job with the Right Education and Training

Land a Good Job with the Right Education and Training

If you’ve been following this blog, you know our last two blog posts focused on the importance of people skills and reliability in your career.

While your people skills and reliability will help a skilled applicant stand out from the crowd, land the job and pave the way towards future advancement—it is your level of education and training that determines if an employer will even call you for an interview.

The employer is most concerned about your technical knowledge of the job. All potential employers will spend a good portion of the job interview process to assess your skills and potential ability to perform well in the job.

For instance, if you are applying for a job as an accountant, you must have the required education, certification or degree in accounting.  You must understand accounting concepts, perform accounting tasks well using industry accepted accounting tools and have skills in the most widely used accounting software.

Without the right education or training, you simply do not get called for an interview.

You invest a great deal of time, money and effort in your job training and education. To get the full benefit of this investment you must really put your best into it. Put your best effort into it by participating, attending all classes and working hard for achieving good grades.

ort colleges in los angelesGrades:

Do your very best in your classes. It’s your education. You’ll get back what you put into it. Grades tell you how well you are doing. If you are doing a great job, you can earn A’s. If you don’t have A’s, you can work harder to improve your grades. If you are getting D’s you must work harder or why are you spending the money? Get help from your teacher, a tutor or a classmate to improve your grades.

If your grade point average is good, you can include it in your resume. Having great grades shows employers that you work hard and will probably make your best effort at the job.


Being on time and attending all of your classes will help you earn good grades. If you are not there, you are just not learning.  If you are often late or absent, you will miss important information and not understand the material. You won’t know how to do your homework, your projects will suffer and you won’t do well on exams. Good attendance will help your grades.

Also, employers want to know that you are someone they can depend on to show up to work each day on time.  Having perfect or near perfect attendance in college is a great way to demonstrate that you are reliable.

ort trade schools in los angelesParticipation:

Get the most out of your education and training by actively participating. Engage in classroom discussions, ask questions if you’re not sure about something and answer questions when you are.  Participating in classroom activities, discussions and field trips can enrich your mind and ensure a deeper understanding of the subject. Besides, it’s much more fun to play an active role in class.

Get the most out of your training and education. Be there, be present, work hard and actively participate and you can achieve success. Your training and education combined with good people skills and reliability will help you get the job you want and can help you advance throughout your career.

Look into participating at Los Angeles ORT College. We can help you get the education and training you need for your desired career, contact us or call a student advisor today at 323-248-8555.  LA ORT will help you towards your career goals.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.