Growing up in Iran, the opportunities available to me were very limited so I moved to California looking for something more. When I arrived in Los Angeles, things were not easy. I didn’t have a job and was unable to attend school because I was not a resident yet. My mother told me about ORT College and I saw it as a way to make a better future for myself.

I chose to enroll in the accounting program because I felt it had the most job opportunities. The accounting classes were hard at first. I put in extra time studying and the teachers at ORT were always there to support me and help me along the way. I loved the fast pace and efficiency of the class structure. The information was taught in a way that was easy for me to understand and if I ever had any questions the teachers were always available for help.

I completed the program in just under a year and was able to find a job almost right away. A friend of mine heard of an opening for a bookkeeper and I jumped on it. I was so grateful that the placement department at ORT helped me to revise my resume and coached me to develop my interview skills. Without them I am not sure I would have been hired so quickly.

I am very happy with my job at Gelfand, Rennet, and Feldman LLP. I love that it suits my skillset and I am able to apply all the accounting knowledge I learned at ORT. Before I started at ORT I was unemployed. I had no way to support myself and I was worried about my future. Now I have steady employment at a job I enjoy, and in the few years I have been with the company I have already received a 50% raise.