Before ORT College, I was unemployed and struggling to provide for myself and my son. All I knew was that I wanted a better future for the both of us. As luck would have it, one day I received a call from Los Angeles ORT College letting me know about their career training programs. I have been in Los Angeles my entire life, but had never visited ORT College. As soon as I did, I was impressed with the courses they had to offer and the choices available to me to help pay for my education.

In the summer of 2008, I officially enrolled in the Administrative Assistant program. I loved learning how to use the computer in a professional way and I became very good at Microsoft Office Suite. It was challenging being in school full-time, while caring for my son but I knew it would be worth it in the end. Plus my teachers at ORT were so supportive, both during and after I completed the program. In just eight months I had finished my course and was ready to start my new career. The teachers and job placement department at ORT helped me immensely with mock interviews and employment prep courses.

It wasn’t long before I found a job as an administrative assistant working for Paskus Electric. I am so happy with my new career and feel like everything is perfect in my life right now. Because of ORT, my life has changed in a very positive way. I learned responsibility that comes from steady employment and how to take care of my own life, giving my son a better future as well. I can honestly say my life is 100% better after my experience with ORT. To future students, I urge you to stay strong and keep fighting. You will be successful by NOT giving up!