I was a young adult when I relocated from Cuba to America. I moved to Los Angeles with no job and no guarantee that I would find one. In Cuba, where I was raised, I had been a computer teacher’s assistant, but the job had turned into hours of paperwork, and I was not sad to leave it behind. I wanted something more out of my career, something more creative and inspiring.

Once I was in Los Angeles, a relative told me about Los Angeles ORT College. The college was close to my home, so I made a visit. Shortly after, I decided to enroll in their graphic design program. I felt comfortable around computers because of my employment in Cuba, and I thought that learning a more artistic way to use them would be perfect for me. There were several challenges for me during the program. It was a lot of hard work, but through it all the teachers at ORT were helpful and supportive. ORT gave me the chance to develop my creative talent, which I had been missing before starting the program.

I started the Computer Graphics classes in 2010, and in just one year I had already completed the program. Immediately after graduation, with the help I received from the job placement office, I secured a position as a graphic designer. They not only set up the job interview for me, but they made sure I was prepared. They told me what to expect and helped me practice. It took me only one week to find a job.

Los Angeles ORT College has changed my life both personally and professionally. Before I came to America I was unemployed, and after ORT I had a full-time job. To future students, I would encourage you to research the different majors available to you, so you can pick something you are truly passionate about, and for fellow graphic designers I urge you to always be creative!