I was unemployed for two years and struggling to find a job. I felt like my options were limited because my previous jobs had been cleaning houses and working deliveries in a warehouse. I was always grateful to have work, but in the end I wanted something more; I wanted a career.

When I heard about the Associate of Applied Science Degree at Los Angeles ORT College, I knew this was my chance to build a better future. My interests have always been centered around taking care of people, so I enrolled in the Medical Office Management program. This program taught me medical terminology, medical billing and medical office procedures. My favorite part of the course was the Medical Assistant course. Now I am trained in phlebotomy and can give medication to patients via injections. I loved the medical assistant classes, because the information was interesting and practical but also because my teacher, Ms. Claudia, is a great instructor. Actually, everyone at ORT helped me through my training, and even after graduation.

It was amazing how quickly I graduated. I started the program in August of 2011, and this fall, September 2012, I completed my externship. I loved where I worked for my externship and luckily they hired me to stay on. I now run the front and back office of their medical practice and I am so thrilled to have a job that gives me so many chances for advancement in the future. I enjoy helping the patients and learning new procedures and I an excited for all the new things I will learn along the way. Plus, I am earning 25% more than I ever did with my previous jobs. To any future ORT students out there I encourage you to learn as much as you can and read, read, read!