Los Angeles ORT College Celebrates Graduation This Month

On March 14th, the Los Angeles campus of ORT College held a ceremony in honor of 95 of its graduating students. The graduates were of all ages, all walks of life and from eight different programs offered at the college. After dedicating the last year or two of their lives to constant study and hard work, students and teachers alike were proud to celebrate this impressive milestone.  The breakdown of graduates was as follows:
Accounting: 17 students
Business Management: 5 students
Digital Media: 4 students
Medical Office Management: 13 students
Administrative Assistant: 9 students
Medical Assistant: 14 students
Pharmacy Technician: 4 students
English as a Second Language: 29 students
Opening remarks were delivered by LA ORT’s Director of Admissions, Fred Keivanfar, followed by student speakers. Marie Theresa Lagman, a graduate of the Medical Office Management program, was one of the first to take the podium. A former nurse from the Philippines, Marie came to the US on vacation and decided she didn’t want to leave. With the help of ORT, Marie was able to obtain her student and work visas and has already been hired as a Medical Assistant. “A huge amount of perseverance and commitment is necessary to be able to step up here in this very platform and receive our degrees,” states Marie but it is clear the payoff was worth it.
Medical Assistant, Anisha Malone, had one of the most memorable speeches of the night painting a vivid picture of the struggle of a single mother looking for a better life for herself and her sons. She spoke eloquently of the relationship she formed with her Medical Assistant professor, Marlene Peek, explaining Ms. Peek’s ability to keep her focused on her goals. Anisha explains, “From day one being in her class she never let me stray, and the times where she got a feeling that I may start to stray she would make sure she would bring me back on track.” Anisha remembered specifically her CPR class and credited her instructor again for helping her to stay on task. Her memory of this class is so vivid because only a week after learning these skills, Anisha witnessed a hit and run accident and thanks to her training, she administered CPR to the victim, saving a woman’s life.
The ceremony closed with a small reception for students, teachers, friends, and family to celebrate this proud moment for the ORT graduates.
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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.