Los Angeles ORT College in Service of our Veterans

First Lady, Michelle Obama recently urged Governors to take action and help ease the transition for returning military into the current job market. With over one million veterans expected to return over the next few years, Mrs. Obama is hoping to reduce the number of unemployed military personnel as they make the transition back home. The First Lady is pushing for a ruling that will make it possible for military credentials to be applied to civilian jobs. Helping veterans find work after their service is part of Mrs. Obama’s program titled “Joining Forces.” If military training was transferred, veterans would not have to spend time earning certifications. Instead, they could enter the workforce right away, helping ease unemployment and strain on military families.
Although Mrs. Obama’s program has great potential, the soonest this could take affect would be 2015. That means all veterans returning home for the next two years, as well as the 844,000 that are already unemployed will have to dismiss their military credentials and start over. However, Los Angeles ORT College is a great option for our veterans. Since ORT is approved by the Veteran Administration, the veterans’ VA educational benefits can be applied to their cost of tuition. It is possible that more than half the cost of a program will be taken care of with these benefits, helping assist financial strain.
Another great benefit of attending Los Angeles ORT College is the speed with which one can complete a program. Unlike other colleges or universities, ORT College offers fast-track programs that allow its participants to earn a degree in half the time. These accelerated programs not only free up graduates for the workforce sooner than other programs, but students only have to pay for one year of school, instead of two.
Los Angeles ORT College offers several different programs for students to choose from; Medical Office Management, Business Management, Digital Media, Accounting and more. ORT offers courses that are most applicable to today’s job market. That fact, paired with ORT’s active career center contributes to the college’s unusually high career placement rate.
To learn more about the programs at ORT and VA benefits, contact an ORT advisor today!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.