Los Angeles ORT Helps Students with Transportation Costs

Over the last few years transportation costs have become a serious consideration for many people. Owning a vehicle is no longer just about a car payment, you have to factor in increasing insurance rates and gas prices that break the bank. With the average household spending close to $400 a month on gasoline, commuting to school may be an impossible expenditure. Even for students who can afford the costs, having a car is not always a viable option; for international or out of state students, a vehicle may not be in the picture. 
Los Angeles ORT College does not want lack of transportation to get in the way of any student’s dream for a better education.  Because of this, ORT College has developed an exceptional transportation program for their full-time students, in order to help relieve the burden of student commuter costs. Simply by achieving full-time status, all students are eligible for a student pass from MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority). ORT students must pay for the pass upfront, but a submission of receipts entitles them to a complete reimbursement. There is no cap implemented in this program either, so students have access to unlimited rides and transfers at no cost to them!
In addition to the reimbursement program, ORT also runs its own shuttle for certain Los Angeles locations. The ORT shuttle comes right to the students’ doors, bringing them to and from class. Although this service is completely free to ORT students, the shuttle does not run to all parts of Los Angeles. The main routes currently run through Glendale and Burbank.  
Despite all the reasons to switch to public transportation, it is often one of the last changes that people make. However, for students the benefits of these programs are astounding. Not only will it save hundreds of dollars a month, but the investment of time is something people often overlook. As one of the most congested cities in the nation, Los Angeles drivers are estimated to spend over 80 hours a year, just stuck in traffic. Now taking the bus won’t get you out of an LA gridlock, but it does give you extra time to study while en route instead of wishing you were moving again. 
Prospective students should contact an ORT advisor today to learn more about the programs available to them!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.