Los Angeles ORT is the Training Provider of Choice for LAX

It is a known fact that Los Angeles ORT has an exceptionally high job placement rate of 87%. This statistic is a testament not only to the students but the job placement center at ORT College. The school’s placement program is constantly looking for new and effective ways to help their students become successful after graduation. Their most recent project includes a partnership with Los Angeles World Airports.
Los Angeles World Airports, otherwise known as LAWA, is in charge of running and maintaining the three major airports in Southern California; Los Angeles International Airport, Ontario International Airport and Van Nuys Airport. With close to 3,500 people in their employ, LAWA is constantly looking to recruit qualified professionals for all aspects of the airport economy – everything from private businesses to airport employment. An airport is a great asset to any community, fostering jobs in the airport as well as externally. In addition, it helps to increase economic growth and entice other business owners to set up shop. 
Jamie Gutierrez, a representative of LAWA, was anxious to start the recruitment process with Los Angeles ORT right away, in hopes of getting graduates by July 2013. In order to encourage enrollment and create job opportunities for several students, PACE (Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment) stepped in to help with student funding. One of the main reasons people stall on post-secondary education is because of lack of funds. PACE, a non-profit organization geared towards helping in-need communities in the Los Angeles area, used their resources to offer assistance to a group of 18 students under this project. Now with partial funding from PACE, these students will graduate in time to become part of LAWA’s recruitment process.
In addition to job training funding, PACE offers programs such as, housing assistance, business development and even early childhood education. By providing partial scholarships to this group of students, PACE is quite possibly changing the life of 18 individuals. Not only will the financial assistance help them to receive an education, but partnered with LAWA it almost ensures they will have employment and possibly even a life-time career in their future.
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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.