Do You Want to Be a Manager Or Run Your Own Business? LA ORT Can Help!

Do You Want to Be a Manager Or Run Your Own Business? LA ORT Can Help!

Are you a leader? Do you have strong communication skills? Can you make decisions and solve problems? If so, then you should look into a career in management. Now is as good a time according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Employment of management occupations is projected to grow 8 percent from 2016 to 2026 […]. Employment growth is expected to be driven by the formation of new organizations and expansion of existing ones, which should require more workers to manage these operations.”

That’s good news! Plus, BLS also reports, “The median annual wage for management occupations was $104,240 in May 2018.” Keep in mind; your salary will depend on some factors, such as your education, your experience, the industry, and the size of the company. Today, let’s talk about your goals.

Behind Every Successful Business is a Manager Making the Right Decisions

In short, business managers are responsible for managing a business. Therefore, they are expected to make appropriate decisions every day. Business managers are responsible for everything from hiring and managing employees to understanding marketing in relation to their business. People who own their run business also have to make these same types of decisions daily. The way to learn the skills you need to succeed in business management is by enrolling in a business management program.

Earning an Associate Degree (AAS) in Business Management Will Teach You the Skills You Need to Advance

A business management program is designed to teach students the skills they need to succeed as managers, which means helping the business also succeed. These students take courses specific to management, such as management skills, computer literacy, accounting, marketing, and business law.

LA ORT’s Business Management program provides students with a great education in business management so they will be able to find a job across industries. Students who hope to go off on their own will have the knowledge they need to run and operate their own business.

LA ORT Offers Business Management and Medical Office Management Programs

LA ORT is proud to help the next generation of managers and entrepreneurs learn how to flourish. Our courses teach the important skills needed for success when managing either a business or a medical practice. Our AAS degree in Business Management Program focuses on teaching management skills used in traditional settings; whereas our AAS degree in Medical Office Management Program focuses on preparing students for management careers specifically in the healthcare industry, including medical billing and terminology. Not sure which path is right for you? Visit or contact us at (800) 998-2678 to talk today!