Marie’s dream comes true with Los Angeles ORT College’s help

March 14th, 2013 was a memorable milestone, filled with pride and joy for Marie Theresa Lagman, as well as all her friends and family that celebrated her graduation from the Medical Office Management Program of Los Angeles ORT College. 95 other students graduated the same day and 12 of them joined Marie from the same department with a smile on their faces, knowing their future is secure.

Marie’s story has all the elements of a success story; hard work, perseverance and determination to succeed. A former nurse from the Philippines, Marie’s story is not only miraculous but is touching proof that Los Angeles ORT College is equipped with the tools and experienced staff to assure every student’s success.

In her speech, Marie tells her personal life story to inspire the audience attending the ceremony. When Marie graduated from nursing school in the Philippines, her parents rewarded her by sending her on a vacation to the United States. Her life took an interesting turn and her relatives in the U.S. convinced her to stay to continue her education in the States. Marie was able to get her Student Visa and continue her education at Los Angeles ORT College. With lots of joy and thrill, she says in her graduation ceremony speech “[ORT’s] career services department assisted me in finding a perfect externship site that land[ed] me a great employment opportunity… [I] applied for my work visa and I was approved after few months and my externship site hired me as a medical assistant.”

Marie’s story is touching and inspiring. In her speech, she briefly mentions just pieces of the challenges a foreign student has to face to succeed, such as being away from your family and the battle to find a career to make the journey all worthwhile. Marie’s future was determined by her hard work and the opportunity that Los Angeles ORT College brought to her life. She continues by saying: “I am very thankful for all the staff and faculty of Los Angeles ORT College.”

This is only one of many success stories coming out of Los Angeles ORT College, painted perfectly for all Marie’s peers to know with the right education and support, dreams do come true. Los Angeles ORT College has a proven track record of many other successful stories, like Marie’s. Join the program today and share your story with the world to inspire everyone around in your own way.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.