Meet Catherine, the Comeback Kid

Meet Catherine, the Comeback Kid

The world is changing fast. Technology has changed many industries and it can be difficult to keep up. But Catherine has found the key to advance her success as the technology changes.

When you talk to Catherine, she’s sweet, upbeat and humble, but she can’t hide that lioness spirit inside of her. She has had her challenges and always climbs each mountain with a laugh, a new story, and a reigning success! Catherine graduated from LA ORT years ago with a credential in Computer Graphics and discovered her love for graphic design. After reaching her goals, she’s back learning the latest advancements in the field, by taking additional courses in LA ORT’s Digital Media program. With a smile that never fades, Catherine talks like a young girl in love when she discusses her rewarding career in the progressive field of digital media.

“When I got my first job, I was amazed! I was getting paid to play! I worked as a designer in print production. It was steady work and truly fun. How often can you say that about a job? And I owe a debt of gratitude to my instructors at LA ORT. They are more like advisors because they are so easy to talk to and available when you need them. They grab your attention with their stories and knowledge. One of my favorite instructors is Daniel Sorenson. He always finds an answer for me. And I have questions!”

A sense of curiosity is one of the many traits Catherine has that helped her get the most out of her previous Computer Graphics program and her time on campus. She asked questions and kept her eyes and ears open. “There’s answers everywhere. And ask your questions to students as much as teachers. Everyone on campus has a lot of insight. Look at me! I’m a student but I have years of experience I can share.”

And when asked why she chose our LA ORT to come back to, Catherine was quick to respond, “LA ORT feels like home. So when the time came to really focus on expanding my skills, I went back to where I feel safe in asking more questions. I knew I wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle here. And coming back has been rewarding in even more wonderful ways. I can give back! I can be part of the family I had before and encourage other students. I can share my experience with others to show how wonderful the job can be and how challenges can be overcome.”

Catherine believes in persistence at your craft and a can-do attitude leads to being able to truly play and get paid for it. “I have a husband and family and there is a lot to juggle, so I find it very important that I have support from my family, my school, and my colleagues to move forward and keep learning. My advice for people thinking about coming to LA ORT? Just do it. Audit a class to get a feel for it and research everything LA ORT can offer. You’ll find out there is a lot you can do to find a job that fits with your passion. Don’t stop your passion. Find any way you can to keep doing your art! It’s worth it!”

If you are working and feeling behind on the latest trends and features of your job, then let LA ORT help you be the comeback kid. Or if you are looking for a change, LA ORT welcomes you to start on a career where you get paid to play! All LA ORT programs are short term and the school provides additional career guidance, tools and information to excel. Contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles near you today and you’ll find all kinds of student services and financial aid at the ORT colleges in Los Angeles. From design and pharmacy to business, ORT offers many programs opening the doors to your dream job.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.