Meet Reina … A Single Parent, Student, and Part-Time Employee

Meet Reina … A Single Parent, Student, and Part-Time Employee

For single parents, attending college may seem almost impossible. How does one handle studying for classes, taking care of children, managing the household and working a part-time job? In today’s student spotlight we’ll show you that yes, it is possible and there are others just like you! There is no secret formula and one doesn’t need to be the world champion at multitasking (although, as a single parent, you already qualify for that).

And now, meet Reina, who is a single parent of not only one, but four children, ages 5 to 14. Her genuine story shows that through family support, her own dedication and will power, pursuing a college education is not out of reach:

“After high school I took up many different jobs, nothing very steady. I knew I didn’t want to do this for the rest of my life but I had to provide for my family. All these years I have focused all of my time and energy only on my children. They are my all and everything.  Now, at 33, I felt like I haven’t really done anything for myself. My children gave me the courage to pursue a further education and my sister who is also a student at LA ORT encouraged me to apply.  I visited the school and loved the environment; the small classes make it so personal.”

“After so many years out of school I was worried and unsure if I could go through with it. But after taking the first classes, I was really motivated and knew that while it was going to be a challenge, it was a challenge I could handle. The biggest factor is that the teachers are so great and nice. They always have time to sit down with you, no matter if the class time is already way over.”

“Now, I have long days, starting with a 1 hour commute to the school, classes in the morning and in the afternoon I also work part-time as a front desk assistant at LA ORT, then the 1 hour commute back home. My long days at school are hard on my children, but they are so supportive. They are interested in my school day and ask questions on how my studies are going. School and homework is something they can relate to. Education is important no matter how old you are. And it is definitely going to pay off for your future and even more for the future of your children!”

Reina is dedicated to getting her college education and ultimately supporting her family’s dream of opening a bakery or restaurant. While some days are hard, LA ORT’s staff and her classmates are always there to support her.

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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.