Moving Out of the Classroom and Into the Workforce

So you have finally completed your schooling.  After all of the training, studying, dedication and hard work you have put in to your education you have your degree!  So what do you do now?  There are a plethora of employment websites that are valuable resources for seeking jobs, as well as other ways you can search for your new career.  But do not overlook the resource that is already at your fingertips. Los Angeles ORTCollege offers employment assistance to its graduating students to help transition from school to the labor market.  

How Can ORT College Help You Find a Career?
We have Job Placement personnel on staff who will work their hardest to help place you in a career aligned with your new degree.  ORT College has many relationships with companies because they know that graduates from our programs are highly trained, and ready to start working immediately after finishing their studies.  With our amazing staff and hands-on approach to technical training, employers know that our students have received a quality education.  We have garnered a solid reputation with these businesses and they are glad to hire our students.  We also work constantly to find employment openings that our freshly graduated individuals are qualified for, and do our best to assist them in finding employment. 
ORT also acquires job leads from many organizations and sources, which allows us to stay current on positions as they become available for employment.  There is no fee or cost for our graduates or for the employers in utilizing our career search assistance.  Another way ORT College is able to help students find job placement is by hosting or promoting job and career fairs.  Talk to your teachers and counselors about upcoming fairs, and keep your eyes and ears open for any signs that might be put up or students or staff speaking about these fairs.  There are job fairs hosted all over the city as well, so look online for information on any approaching dates. 
Other Resources for Your Job Hunt
Getting assistance from the staff at ORT College is one way you can seek a job, but there are other options you can pursue as well. 
  • Job Boards:  Sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and even Craigslist, can help you find jobs in your field.  If a website has the option to upload your resume or to make a profile then be sure your resume is up to date, and that you fill out your profile as thoroughly as possible.  This will help employers become familiar with you and show them what makes you stand out from other applicants and profiles.
  • Employment Agencies:  There are many employment agencies out there who can assist you in your job search, some charge fees for their service but you can also find many who will charge the employer, not the seeker.  Make sure you know before you sign up with one of these services whether or not they want a fee.  
  • Social Media: Networks like Facebook and Twitter are good for more than socializing with your friends or following celebrities.  Many businesses and companies now have professional business pages, and sometimes will post job openings or open interview dates.  Be sure to follow the pages of companies you are interested in working for, and follow LA ORT College’s Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on any upcoming job fairs we may post. 
Networking: Anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows that networking is important.  Making connections with colleagues, teachers, other students, or anyone you may meet who works or has contacts in your field of interest can potentially be of great help when you start your job hunt. Exchange contact information like phone numbers or emails, or reach out through Facebook and let your network know that you are actively on the search for a new career. Be aware of others looking for jobs as well, if you hear of a job that you may not be qualified for but someone else is, refer them. If they hear of a job you might be right for, hopefully they will return the courtesy! 
Contact the career counselor at your Los Angeles ORT College location for more information on our Job Placement assistance.  If you are interested in learning more about ORT College and the programs we offer, please visit our website! 

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.