Non-Profit Schools Versus For-Profit: Know the Difference?

Non-Profit Schools Versus For-Profit: Know the Difference?

Did you know that LA ORT is a non-profit college? If you don’t know what that means exactly and how it differs from for-profit schools, you’re not alone. Read on to find out how we’re different.
ort colleges in los angeles californiaThe Differences
Non-profit means LA ORT does not make money for owners and shareholders. Instead, we operate for our students. What you learn and how your LA ORT experience affects your future is our only concern!

For-profit colleges have to make money for their owners and shareholders. They are businesses selling a service for profit. This service is education or career training. While quality does need to meet certain standards to keep enrollment high, the student experience isn’t the primary focus. Like any business, financial gain is the concern.

Because they’re businesses, for-profit schools have higher prices (much higher). The average tuition cost for a for-profit school is about $30K after scholarships! What’s more, this money goes to the owners or shareholders. The whole income isn’t put back into the college and students like non-profits.

For-profits have a lower graduation rate and career placement, as well. In fact, the startling prices and poor results inspired the Obama Administration to propose stricter regulations for for-profit institutions.


Crazy Statistics

  • You’re 40% more likely to graduate at non-profit college, such as LA ORT, than a for-profit school with the same programs, according to the Department of Education.
  • You’re more likely to need a larger student loan at a for-profit and 30% more likely to default on the loan.
  • According to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, for-profit grads have higher rates of unemployment.

ORT colleges van nuys californiaWe’re a Family

LA ORT has an extensive history of serving the public, and is part of a global network. ORT is a worldwide organization with more than 800 education centers. Our goal isn’t to make money, but to help you get the instruction that you need to reach your goals!

We are so happy you chose us and look forward to helping you live your dream. Thank you for being a part of the LA ORT family.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.