Number of International Students on the Rise

The Institute of International Education reports the enrollment of international students at US colleges is on the rise. In 2012, the number of international students increased by 6 percent when compared to the previous year. Although countries from all over the world have students attending school in the United States, the main contributors to these international numbers are students from China and India. China alone has 23 percent more students in the US than last year. 
The state of California actually hosts the largest number of international students and continues to increase every year. It fact, the statistic increased another 1 percent since 2011. New York, Texas and Massachusetts are runners-up in this poll but they do not compare to the approximately 95,000 students that California currently hosts.  
Further studies have found that the most popular major among international students is a discipline in the business field. Many students will opt for Business Management or Accounting as their major. Los Angeles ORT College offers both of these programs to students, with the option of earning a fast track degree. The choice of an accelerated program is a perk for an international student, since their funds are often limited. There are restrictions to student visas that limit their ability to earn an income. At Los Angeles ORT, one can earn a business degree in half the time of other schools, saving students a considerable amount on living expenses. The U.S. Department of Commerce even estimates that international students contribute $20 billion to the economy, through their tuition and living fees. 
In addition to helping with funding and education, Los Angeles ORT also works with international students to walk them through the process of obtaining their student visa. Securing a student visa can be an overwhelming process but ORT is there every step of the way. Once a student is accepted into a program at ORT, they receive an I-20 form. I-20 is the main document that one will need to secure a student visa with the US Consulate Office in their home country. ORT also helps graduating international students to gain real world experience after program completion. Through OPT (Optional Practical Training) graduates of ORT can choose to stay in the US for an additional year, while working in a related field. To learn more contact an ORT advisor today!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.