Opportunities for Individuals with Knowledge in Digital Media

ORT offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Digital Media. The degree and curriculum are designed in order to prepare students to be graphic computer designers and desktop publishers in the media world. ORT students are encouraged to prepare themselves and one another for the fast paced, intense world that is electronic publishing and digital media. In the program, ORT students will be able to learn how to design newspaper and magazine layouts, create flyers, design logos, scan and edit photographs and pictures, edit videos, create web animation, and use the internet’s most important graphic programs. ORT students also have the chance to learn how to properly navigate the internet and all of its intricacies, weave through search engines, download important documents, and create email and social media accounts to help increase their online presence.

In the program, students are able to create websites which contain the productions they have created in all other aspects of study and showcase their talent. The computer labs provided at ORT have both Microsoft and Macintosh computers available, allowing students to undertake cross-training which can be a very valuable asset for employers in the digital media industry. Throughout the courses, students are advised on how to create a proper portfolio that is designed to demonstrate evidence of each student’s job market skills.

When ORT students complete the program, a wealth of opportunities is waiting for them. The digital media industry is rapidly growing. With every new app that comes out and every new platform that’s created comes more opportunity for students studying in digital media. The hottest companies to work for these days are small tech startups. Every company successfully working in the technology industry needs employees who are capable with digital media. If you like working with computers and graphic design, ORT is the path that you have been looking for to an uplifting and exciting career in the digital media industry.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.