Opportunity Awaits in Medical Office Management

Opportunity Awaits in Medical Office Management

Have you ever wondered who is really the person in charge at your doctor’s office? Who makes sure that all the charts are filed properly, bills are made out correctly, payments are processed successfully, and who coordinates the staffing of a medical office? The person in charge of these duties is called a medical office manager. To assume the responsibilities of a Medical Office Manager you need the degree, the skills, and the training to prepare you for this occupation.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average, medical office managers earn a salary of around $46,000 per year. The pay is usually around $16.90 per hour, and the field is mostly women. Anyone who manages a medical office has earned a degree in the field and been trained to take on the responsibilities of the position. Medical office management requires an Associate of Applied Science degree, which can be earned under two years at some institutions depending on the college’s course schedule and requirements.

junior colleges in los angeles medical office management degreeIt can be hard to find the right college in Los Angeles that will cater to your needs and ensure you are put on the road to find the right job to begin this career. Luckily, LA ORT has a program that is designed specifically for this occupation and this growing field. In each medical office management program at ORT’s junior colleges in Los Angeles, we strive to meet the educational and training requirements of this field by practicing in a medical office setting. Our program takes about one year to complete, and you’ll be fully prepared to work in hospitals, clinics, and other doctor offices.

We will teach you by using the equipment that you’ll use in the field, and we even cover the general education requirements you’ll need to develop great communication skills! You’ll learn how to best communicate with doctors, nurses, and other staff members, while simultaneously studying medical anatomy and physiology to give you an expanded knowledge about the human body for clinical procedures. You’ll learn about necessary computer skills and applications, medical terminology, billing, insurance, coding and records, and clinical skills, along with the management skills required to be successful in the field.

When you search through the many Los Angeles colleges, you’ll find us here ready to help you and waiting for your call! We love to see our students succeed, inside and outside the classroom. We are dedicated to providing high quality education without breaking the bank and we can’t wait to see you graduate!

Why don’t you give one of the student advisors at the ORT colleges in Los Angeles a call right now at (800)998-2678 to get started on your path to great education at an affordable rate and see if you qualify for financial aid. See some of the student services we provide and contact our college today to begin a great career.

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