Paying for College: The Affordable Way!

Paying for College: The Affordable Way!

You’re ready to continue your education, and you’ve decided where you want to go to school, what program you want to study, and the type of degree you want to work towards. It sounds like you’ve got everything set, right? That’s the easy part! Now you need to figure out how you’ll pay for it all. Tuition, books, and other necessary supplies that could easily exceed your financial resources.

In this day and age, paying for college can look complicated. With loan options, work study, and financial aid paperwork, it can get confusing pretty quickly. Luckily, there are ways to pay for your education without piling up thousands of dollars in student loans. We’ll explain a few for you to make the college process easier.
Most colleges in Los Angeles will also offer a work study program, where you’ll get a job through the college, and the money you make will also help pay for your college education. There are always grants for students who demonstrate financial need, but it doesn’t end there. Some employers have a tuition reimbursement program that will pay a certain amount of your tuition fees while you work for them. At non profit colleges, you will have high quality education with lower tuition fees and a better focus on classroom teaching rather than faculty research.

There are also scholarships that you could apply for. Some Los Angeles colleges, like LA ORT, offer their own scholarships, but you need to inquire in order to apply and receive the scholarship.

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Deciding on the college you attend can also be a factor in helping you save some serious money. Different types of colleges have different amounts of fees, but non profit colleges and community colleges tend to be on the lower end of the tuition spectrum. When you choose non profit colleges like LA ORT, you’ll automatically be saving a lot of money on tuition fees because the college focuses on you and your education the most. LA ORT wants to see you in a successful career without the stress of excessive loan debt or not being able to pay for your education at all, so LA ORT has made its programs very affordable!
So, when you’re preparing to go back to school, there are tons of options available. How to pay for college without breaking the bank is easier than you think! With the options of grants, scholarships, work study programs, and tuition reimbursement from employers, you can rest assured that you won’t be left with a bunch of student loan debt when you graduate.

Give one of the student advisors at the ORT junior colleges in Los Angeles near you a call right now at (800) 998-2678 to get started on your path to great education at an affordable rate and see if you qualify for financial aid! Or visit contact us, and request information about our available programs and student services provided to you.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.