Pending Changes in Educational Funding Motivate Students to Act Fast

One of the biggest challenges prospective college students face is being able to afford the cost of their education. In fact, CNNMoney estimates the cost of tuition to increase by 4.8% this year. This hike in cost can be detrimental to students, especially since financial aid shows no signs of compensating for it. Soon to be college students are now forced to wait for rulings from the nation’s capital to learn their educational fate. 
For example, the most popular student loan is one that is subsidized. These loans are made available to almost all students and are attractive because payments do not start until after graduation, accompanied by a traditionally low interest rate. However, the possibility of the interest on these loans doubling is a very real possibility. The interest rate jumping from 3% to over 6% could mean thousands of extra dollars paid out by each student over time. This new rule would be applied to loans administered after July 1, 2013, which is excellent motivation for anyone on the verge of applying to do so before this deadline. At Los Angeles ORT college there is no waiting list, and once accepted into the program students can get started right away. The open enrollment and fast track option lets students lock down the current interest rate of 3.4%.  
In addition to unreliable interest rates, students are also faced with grants and work-study programs being cut in an attempt to reduce Federal spending. There is still time to act to take advantage of the funding that is available, but of course that may not be a possibility for everyone. If that is the case, Los Angeles ORT College is one of the best options because of their fast track opportunity. In half the time of other schools, a student can earn an Associate’s degree allowing them to find full-time employment a whole year before students attending the same program at a different school. So, not only will ORT graduates find themselves in the work force faster but they will only have to pay for one year of school, instead of two. The benefits of ORT are amazing at a time when the nation’s budget and educational funding are unstable. Prospective students should also know that Los Angeles ORT College has a job placement rate of 87%. This is a statistic President Obama wants to make mandatory for colleges to release to prospective students in the future, but ORT needs no mandate. They have a very active job placement center, paired with in-demand job training programs that make this high placement rate possible.
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LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.