Pharmacy Technician Field Growing at a Rapid Pace

The constant changes in the healthcare industry have left many people feeling uncertain about the future and what it means for their medical needs. Many are excited at the prospect of universal health care and others fear there will be negative side effects. But no matter where you stand, one thing is for sure – the medical field will need employees!
Fox Business believes the changes to the health care system under the Obama administration, in addition to an aging baby boomer generation, are the main reasons medical jobs are in such demand. In a field where employees are already sparse, adding an estimated 30 million patients will increase the demand at a rate of 14%.
These statistics are for health care jobs all across the board, everything from surgeons to physical therapists; however there are niches within the medical field that have an even higher rate of growth. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects Pharmacy Technician jobs to increase at a rate of 32% over the next few years. This particular industry will feel the impact of baby boomers more than any other demographic because they are the largest users of prescriptions. In fact, 10,000 people are expected to reach retirement age every day, greatly impacting an already billion dollar industry and ensuring job security for Pharmacy Technicians for years to come.
Pharmacy Technicians work directly with the Pharmacist to help assemble prescriptions, educate patients and supply them with medication. They are not required to attend medical school, so there are restrictions on their tasks, but they are under the supervision of the pharmacist at all times. Independently, the may also be in charge of handling patient files and managing other staff members.
The Pharmacy Technician program at Los Angeles ORT College can be completed in just 8 months. Students will graduate with a working knowledge of medication preparation, pharmaceutical purchasing methods, insurance billing, pharmacy calculations and externship hours. With this diploma, graduates can expect to work in hospitals, drug stores, clinics, or managed care. Pharmacy Technicians are employed both full and part-time, and earn an average salary of approximately $25,000 to $30,000 per year, after their first year of employment.
If you are considering enrolling to become a Pharmacy Technician, contact an ORT advisor today!

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