Why Phlebotomy is a Must for Medical Assistants

Why Phlebotomy is a Must for Medical Assistants

Are you considering a career as a medical assistant? If so, you are making a wise decision as the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests this career field is projected to grow 29 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. By tacking on a phlebotomy certification, you will be making an even wiser decision.

Since there is also a growing need for phlebotomists within the medical field and medical assistants often are tasked with performing blood tests, it makes sense to continue your education with a certified phlebotomy program.

You Will Be More Hirable

While medical assistants learn basic phlebotomy, they are not fully certified as phlebotomists unless they complete a certificate program. Since drawing blood is a common skill most medical offices desire in job candidates, holding a phlebotomy certificate will make you more hirable in comparison to someone who does not hold this specialized certification. Plus, your versatile skill set will also make it easier for you to advance your career.

You Will Be More Valuable

As a medical assistant, your job tasks will vary depending on where you work. However, as a medical assistant with phlebotomy certification, you will always be more valuable to your workplace. By having this additional certification, you can do what can be considered two different jobs. You can find work as both a medical assistant and a phlebotomist in various healthcare environments. For example, if you choose to take the National Certification Examination (NCCT) and apply for CPT1 license, you may work as a licensed Phlebotomist in addition to working as a Medical Assistant.

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You Will Boost Your Earning Potential

In this growing career field, holding a phlebotomy certificate is also a way to boost your income. For instance, BLS reports phlebotomists earned an average of $33,670, which was slightly more than the average of $32,480 medical assistants earned in 2017. Like most careers, continued education is a way to earn more income. Additionally, with a phlebotomy certificate, you may be able to work more hours as your skills are more varied than your peers.

You Will Be More Skilled with Blood Work

While the basics of phlebotomy are covered when you pursue an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Clinical Medical Assistance, a phlebotomy certificate program will expand your knowledge so that you are more proficient with drawing blood safely and dealing with people who may be afraid of having blood work done. Patients will benefit from having a medical assistant who has furthered his or her education and learned how to find veins and which techniques are most effective for drawing blood.

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