Problems and Opportunities with California’s Job Market

Problems and Opportunities with California’s Job Market

       The LA Times recently published an extremely insightful article explaining the state of California’s job market. It highlights that, although California’s overall economy may be bouncing back from the recession, there are still many job openings that are not being filled as quickly as they could be. In a new survey of California businesses, more than half of the companies said they have struggled in finding candidates for open positions offering higher wages.

The difficulty is found in the lack of hard skills in available candidates. Evren Esen, the director of survey programs said, “There’s a larger, organic change in jobs — they’re becoming more knowledge-based, more specialized in some cases.” At a conference at the UCLA Anderson School of Management last Wednesday, Jim D’Agostino of Suffolk Construction Company said that the current industry’s point of entry is “through computers and software.”
President of the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Larry Frank, said that although vocational

schools were once eyed with some skepticism, they’re now growing in popularity. Vocational and career colleges are successful when they can truly prepare students for the current job market. Programs in growing fields should be offered and classes should cover necessary skills needed, ethics, and other issues relevant to the status of the industry.
In that respect, Los Angeles ORT has been offering programs that have been proven to be in-demand by employers and companies, as evidenced by success of our graduates in the job market. LA ORT programs are focused and cover all current and important topics one needs to know to be prepared for a successful career in their field as it is today.
Despite a highly competitive job market in California, LA ORT graduates have had 90% employment success rate last year. The reason is also clear. While we have programs in place to assist in career placement after graduation, the biggest reason for the success of our graduates is that they are taught all of the necessary and practical skills needed in their field. These graduates are more than prepared to compete for the opportunities in this employment market.

Put yourself in the best position to be hired in today’s competitive job market. Speak to an LA ORT advisor today about gaining the skills you need to succeed.

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