Reasons to be Thankful

Reasons to be Thankful

During this holiday season we sit down and think of what we have been thankful for over the years. Those reasons extend past what we are thankful for and include why we should be thankful. Being thankful helps us remain satisfied in life and keep our heads up. All too often, people consider what we should be receiving and gaining instead of how far they’ve come. It’s really important to schedule some time, as often as possible, to remember how much we progress each year and remember to enjoy life. Life is a journey and not just a destination. On that journey is so much to be thankful for.

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Dr. Robert Emmons, is a premier psychologist of the University of California at Davis. Dr. Emmons is known as the authority on gratitude and its study. In one study, he asked participants to go through the day and write down everything they were grateful for. Another group of participants wrote about negative events that occurred during the day. The control group would write down both positive and negative events. The results of this study showed that those who wrote down what they were thankful for, the positive events, and showed they lead more happy and productive lives.

Beyond how being thankful makes us happy, when we are thankful it has a positive effect on those around us. When we appreciate, what is present, we give credit to those positive factors in our lives: family, friends, peers, teachers, and coworkers. Being happy is being thankful.

ORT junior colleges in los angelesIn addition to being thankful for what is in our lives, it is important be thankful for the opportunities that come up. The opportunity to progress in life, start a new careers, and dream of the possibilities, are all great blessings to be thankful for.

What we have, who we know, and what we can do are three great reasons we all have to be thankful. These daily things make our lives great and we should be thankful for them.

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