What is a Recession-Proof Job?

What is a Recession-Proof Job?

For those who remember the Great Recession of 2008, we know that a recession is costly. The Balance Careers explains, “Unemployment rose from 5% to 9.5% during that period and even reached 10% in the months following. The long-term unemployment rate—unemployment lasting for at least 27 weeks—was at an all-time high.” The unfortunate reality is that recessions do happen.

This is why people should try to look for a “recession-proof” job. According to Wikipedia, “A recession-proof job is a job that one is likely to be able to find even during hard economic times. Though these jobs are not truly “recession-proof,” they have a continual demand for workers, thereby increasing the chances that one who has the skills will be likely to find employment.”

How to Identify Recession-Proof Jobs

When it comes to finding a recession-proof job, you should begin by looking for jobs that are essential and needed – even when the economy takes a turn. While we cannot guarantee jobs are completely recession-proof, it is safe to say that there are jobs that will always be needed in comparison to jobs that cater to “luxury spending.”


Healthcare Will Always Be Needed

The first recession-proof career field is healthcare. As Top Resume explains, “People and animals get sick regardless of the economy, so they always need access to qualified professionals who can help.” No matter what is happening with the economy, medical and clinical assistants will always be in demand. Plus, the Bureau of Labor Statistics currently places employment growth for medical assistants at 15% or higher, which is much faster than average.

People and Businesses Will Always Need Help with Money

Fortune claims, “Regardless of the economic climate, accountants will always be needed, especially during tax season.” Not only do people need help preparing tax returns, but businesses always need their finances to be done correctly for compliance reasons. Therefore, if a recession hits, people working as accountants are less likely to be laid off.

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