Reliability Is Essential To Your Career Success

Reliability Is Essential To Your Career Success

Continuing our discussion of the qualities needed for a successful career, we covered how people skills can help you get a job and advance your career. Now we will focus on the importance of reliability in your career.

Did you know that showing you are reliable during an interview or at your job can help you get hired and can help you get promoted? Well it’s true, in order to have success in your career, you must be reliable.

Reliability means completing all tasks you are assigned, thoroughly and on time (even if it’s hard or you don’t feel like it). For example, if you told your co-workers that you would complete a report by Friday at 12 noon, actually turning in your report Friday at 12 noon or sooner is what it means to be reliable. It shows your boss and your co-workers that you take your job and your work assignments seriously. It also shows them that you are someone they can depend on for the job.

jesse at ort career colleges in los angelesThere are three different aspects of reliability: Attitude, Punctuality and Being a Team Player.

Being a reliable person starts with having a good attitude. If you come to work each morning excited about your job and wanting to do your best, people will view you as having a positive attitude. On the other hand, if you come to work each morning in a grumpy mood and not wanting to be there, people will view you as having a negative attitude. This negativity can’t be hidden, it always shows and will affect your career. Having a positive attitude shows people they can count on you and makes them want to work with you.

Being on time is also very important. This means being on time for work, meetings and assignment deadlines. For example, if you are scheduled to be at work at 8:00 a.m., it’s a great idea to be there before 8:00 a.m. to make sure that you are not late. 8:05 a.m. is not on time; it’s late. If you are not able to make it to work or a meeting on time, or you cannot complete a work assignment by the deadline, it is important to tell the people expecting you or the assignment as soon as possible. Give them enough notice to make alternative plans. You are reliable when they know what to expect from you and when.

ort trade schools in los angelesBeing a Team Player:
Most jobs require you to work with other people. This means that you must do your part to help your team achieve your shared goals. For example, to prepare for a group presentation, you may have to stay late to finalize the information that will be presented. You will have to stay late even if you’re tired or want to leave for a social activity. Even when you are working on a project by yourself, consider the company the team. Put the company’s needs before your own needs and you will be a good team player.

In college you learn and practice being reliable in many ways—by having a positive attitude, being on time for class and homework deadlines and working in groups. LA ORT knows how important these skills are and will give you helpful feedback on your attitude, punctuality and ability to be a team player. All the instructors and staff want to help you reach your goals. You can be successful in your career. You can do it and we can help.

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