Replacing a Dead End Job with a Career

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Cathy attended Los Angeles Ort College with one goal in mind; to enter the medical profession. She was already employed at a travel agency, but over the years this industry has been on a decline and offered little job security for the future. Because of this, Cathy opted to make a change, one that would give her a challenging and reliable profession.

Wanting to learn a skill that would foster self-improvement, Cathy enrolled in the Medical Office Management program in March of 2011. She found the practical experience that her lab assignments provided to be her favorite part of the year-long course. The Medical Program offered at ORT is an in-depth study of front and back office skills, medical billing, medical insurance and coding, medical records and even clinical skills. Students enrolled in this curriculum also learn anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology so they are knowledgeable when conversing with medical personnel.

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By April of this year, Cathy landed a job as a medical assistant. She is thrilled to be starting in the medical field but continues to hold higher aspirations for herself. Ultimately, she wants to work her way up to a billing and coding specialist. The experience she will gather as a medical assistant will prove invaluable when she inevitably becomes the specialist she is striving to be.

Since graduation, Cathy claims she has gained more confidence and is pleased to have a new professional goal, with a clear target on the horizon. She encourages others to strive for constant improvement and to learn as many skills as possible to better their work and ultimately their life.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.