Seven Professions You can Get into with Your ORT Business Management Degree

Seven Professions You can Get into with Your ORT Business Management Degree

Now is an exciting time to get an education. There are constantly new businesses popping up, so the demand for great employees is increasing. There are many colleges in Los Angeles that have a proven track record for preparing their students for professional success. But what if you’re still undecided about your career path? Good news! There is one degree that can help you in any business, and that’s a business management degree.



A business management degree is ideal for someone who enjoys problem solving and critical thinking on a daily basis. This degree is perfect for those who want to work on developing their interpersonal skills, as a lot of jobs will involve working with diverse groups of people. With this curriculum, you’ll get the chance to work on your planning, organization and entrepreneurship. These are skills that can be used in any business. So this degree is great for someone who’s undecided about which type of business they would like to work for.



There are many career paths for you when you have a business management degree. These include healthcare, sales, hospitality, charity and the government. Your options are endless. Here are some other professional career paths to consider…


Human Resources

As a human resources manager, you will be expected to oversee the training, recruitment and compensation of the employees working at a company. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for resolving conflicts amongst employees. Oftentimes, those who have an interest in psychology, and sociology will gravitate towards this career path.


Business Analyst

Business analysts are responsible for improving a company’s performance. Often, they specialize in a specific area, like technology, corporate or inventory management. You may need to repair and analyze financial documents or develop a new business plan. Business analysts must acquire comprehensive business knowledge, in order to do their job effectively.



There are a variety of positions within retail including buying, distribution, sales, marketing and research. You could work as a store buyer, purchasing merchandise, or you could take on a much bigger role, as the general manager. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the store operates smoothly and oversee the employees.


Software Engineer

 Believe it or not, but business managers don’t only work in hospitality and retail. You could easily find yourself working in a technology business as a systems software engineer. In this role, you would be responsible for designing new software applications. You could end up being the project manager, in which case, you’d have your hand in every piece of the project from beginning to end.


General Manager

Being a general manager, no matter the business, is a huge duty for anyone to take on. You will take complete responsibility for your business’ performance and operations. You’ll oversee the loss and profitably of your business. Additionally, you may be involved in some cross-duty functions, as you may need to oversee the marketing, human resources and production of a company. You are a key member of the business.


business management degree professionalExecutive Management

With a business management degree, you could qualify for high-level executive positions, including brand manager, director of operations, senior consultant or chief executive officer. In higher management positions, expect for there to never be a dull moment, as each day will present its own set of unique challenges.




Lastly, with this business management degree, you could certainly start a business of your own. Or perhaps, you have interest in taking over someone else’s company. Either way, you will need the confidence to make important decisions that could affect everyone working for your company. Through a business management course, you will learn how to manage the ups and downs of running your own company.


If you thrive on leadership and enjoy decision making, then getting a degree in business management is definitely the way to go. Not only will each day be different, but this degree can lead to many opportunities. You could be the best employee in the world, but if you don’t have the education to back it up, then you may miss out on your dream job.


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