Skills to Highlight on Your Resume

Skills to Highlight on Your Resume

When you are looking for a job, you want to have a top-notch resume. A resume is your chance to show employers that you are the perfect fit for the open job position. But, how do you show employers that you are the best one for the job in just 1 or 2 pages? You use your resume as an opportunity to showcase the skills that make you stand out from other job candidates.

You Only Have 10 Seconds

Since hiring managers typically spend about ten seconds glancing at a resume before moving on the next one, it is critical that your resume shows you’ve got the skills they want. You can show hiring managers you’ve got what it takes by mirroring the job description. You should tailor the skills on your resume to mirror the skills that are required for the job position.

The Right Skills for the Right Job

Remember – it’s important to apply for jobs that fit your skill set. Rather than lie on your resume or throughout the job searching process, choose to apply for the right jobs. At LA ORT, our Career Advisors can help you search for jobs that match your skill set ensuring you apply for the right jobs.

Balance Your Hard Skills and Soft Skills

Whether you have work experience or not, you have skills that are valuable in the workplace. Resume writing is not the time to be humble. Instead, you should list your skills proudly. On your resume, you must show a balance of hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills refer to those industry-specific skills, such as the skills you learned from your classes at LA ORT. Soft skills refer to personal attributes that make you a valuable employee across various industries.

Soft Skills Employers Love to See on Resumes

While every job is different, some skills are always desirable. For example, being a good employee typically includes being dependable and having the ability to work well others. These are known as soft skills. Here are some soft skills that are highly desired in the workplace:

  • Leadership
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Conflict resolution
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Strong work ethic

Hard Skills Employers Love to See on Resumes

In contrast, hard skills apply to specific jobs. When job hunting, you look for jobs that require your educational background, career experience, or your specific skill set. Your resume should list hard skills most applicable to the job you seek. By reviewing the job description closely, you should be able to identify which hard skills are required. These will vary from one job to the next. For example, hard skills may include skills such as the ability to communicate in languages other than English or mastery of specific computer programs. Additionally, certifications will validate hard skills in specific industries and should be listed on your resume.

At LA ORT, you will build your resume with relevant and desirable skills paving the way to landing a job you love. Plus, LA ORT is passionate about helping our students find employment upon graduation, which is why we offer Employment Assistance. Visit or call the ORT career college in Los Angeles at (800) 998-2678 to see how LA ORT has made it easy for its graduates to enter the career of their choice.