Why Speaking Two Languages Is Good for (and Can Boost) Your Career

Why Speaking Two Languages Is Good for (and Can Boost) Your Career

Living in southern California is like living in a melting pot of many cultures. We all know that next to English, Spanish is the most spoken language in Los Angeles. Being bilingual in English and Spanish can boost your career because there are more and more employers who are looking for bilingual candidates to be able to serve the Spanish-speaking communities in Los Angeles.

Even if you don’t speak Spanish but you know some other languages such as Russian, Armenian, Korean, Chinese, French, Persian or Hebrew, there are many industries in southern California who serve these specific communities and are looking for candidates who are either familiar with these cultures or speak their language or both.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of being bilingual:

Employers Love It benefits of being bilingual

The most interesting candidate will always get the job. That is why you need to present yourself as the best candidate when searching for a job. Having a second language in your resume can make you stand out among others. Remember that bilinguals are more likely to get a job.

Even if the second language isn’t needed for the job, knowing another language can make all the difference. Your resume will look amazing. For employers, bilinguals are more ‘attractive’ candidates. They prefer to hire them. So, you can easily get the job of your dreams because you speak a foreign language. You will have an advantage over other candidates.

More Job Opportunities

You can apply for lots of jobs if you’re bilingual. If you can speak a foreign language fluently, you can work for an international company.

You can be an interesting candidate for companies that work with international clients or are interested in entering new markets as well. Speaking with clients in their language can lead to more sales and better service. This also means that your boss will realize just how important to the company you are.

Even though it is a plus, you don’t have to speak a foreign language fluently in order to boost your career. Depending on the job, sometimes a conversational level can be enough. In some cases, just a few words can get the job done!

Higher Wages & Promotions

Employees that speak more than one language often earn more money. This makes sense because your role in the company can be greater. You can meet foreign clients and close important deals. You can also travel a lot!

Another great thing about being bilingual is that it can actually increase your chances of getting a promotion! When your boss sees that you know how to speak another language, they can give you a job with more responsibilities. Not only that, you can secure your position in the company.

Boost Your Business Skills benefits of being bilingual

Learning a second language can boost other skills useful for business. You can increase your communication and analytical skills, for example. Your understanding of other cultures can be far greater. Speaking to clients in their own language can help break down barriers. Your relationship with colleagues can be better.

Language skills are useful. It’s a fact. If you are considering learning another language, think in terms of what language is going to be the most useful for you. Learning another language will definitely be worth your time and money.

Job searching can be stressful. Speaking two languages can make things much easier for you. It can open new possibilities. It can help you land that dream job.

LA ORT Can Help

At LA ORT, we help you highlight all your capabilities towards advancement in your future career. We not only give you the skills to jump start your career but also expand your chances of employment into other communities that you can connect with, by language or culture. To learn more about how we help our bilingual students, as well as learning about our programs, give us a call today at 1-(800) 998-2678 or visit www.LAORT.edu. LA ORT makes job search a fun adventure!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.