Stop Listening to these Job Myths

Stop Listening to these Job Myths

Society puts many ideas and expectations in our heads about our career. From the time we are kids, our parents and teachers ask us “What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your dream job? Do you want to be a doctor? A police officer? What college will you go to?”. By the time we graduate high school, most of us changed our minds at least two or three times.

And you know what? Having no idea what your career looks like is completely OK. Again, society stresses us to choose a career early on before we know much about different occupations, and then to stick with it. It’s also comments from friends and family that influence our decision. Most of us have heard at least one of these before:

Myth 1: Your future occupation should be a best fit to who you are and where you come from

Your grandpa and your dad were already mechanics. You are familiar with the work and are handy, too. No questions asked, your career and future is set to be a mechanic. Sounds familiar? All too often, we are made to believe that this one career choice is it and that there are no alternatives. Maybe that was true for our parents and grandparents, but nowadays there are so many programs and colleges that let you choose any career you want. Especially if you feel bored in your current job, why not get a degree that brings you to the next stage in your life?

Myth 2: You should make a lot of money with your job

Would you consider a job where you are working hundreds of hours each month, but you are constantly stressed and have no time for your family, your dream job? No, I wouldn’t either. Let’s be realistic here, your dream job should pay enough so that you can support yourself. On top of that, you should still be able to keep a normal work-life balance like going out with friends and meeting your family for dinner. You should be studying for a career that makes you feel comfortable.

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Myth 3: Your dream job will always be all sunshine and rainbows

No job is going to make you 100% happy. You’ll get frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed. You will rarely find a job that doesn’t make you feel this way at some point. The point of pursuing a job you like is that it should make you happy and comfortable. When you come home in the evenings, you shouldn’t feel like you just wasted eight hours of your life, you want to feel accomplished.

Now, keep in mind that no matter what your family or friends are saying, it’s different for each and every one of us. Some of us may find their dream job right away after graduating from college, while others may take a detour on the way to finding their final dream job. We each take our own steps to get there.

What is important is that you need to have the education and training to start a meaningful career that would lead to your dream job. Without the right education your dream job may remain just a dream! A degree from an ORT college in Los Angeles near you will be the first step to build the future you want. Contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles near you today and you’ll find all kinds of student services and financial aid at the ORT colleges in Los Angeles. From design and pharmacy to business, ORT offers many programs opening the doors to your dream job.

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