Talk to Jesse

Talk to Jesse

“Jesse has a unique ability to understand the financial and/or family pressures applicants face and is able to help them assess their capabilities, talents and unique life experiences in order to plan a path to a successful future.”—Fred Keivanfar, LA ORT Director of Admissions & Finance

Last week’s blog featured a photo of Jesse Velasco, our Senior Admissions Supervisor, accepting an award from the South Bay Workforce Investment Board on behalf of LA ORT, so we thought we would let you all learn more about him.

As the Sr. Admissions Supervisor, Jesse will help you get the most out of your time at LA ORT. By helping you identify your interests and skills, Jesse works with you to plan your individual path to success. And that means more than just education—Jesse is here to help you with anything you need!

Always Ready for a New Challenge

ORT College, Jesse says, has given him a unique view of our multicultural population. Here he interacts with more people from many diverse cultures than ever before. Always interested in expanding his knowledge, this philosophy has helped Jesse succeed at his job, which means helping you succeed too!

jesse-at-ort-career-colleges-in-los-angelesYou see, Jesse understands the unique challenges you face and knows where you’re coming from. He’s overcome many challenges in his own life and has been helping others achieve their own goals for many years.

Jesse can help you plan more than your education. Got financial problems? Worried about life after graduation? No problem. Jesse is easy to talk to. If you have something you want to say, he’s ready to listen.

A Lifelong Smile and Helping Hand

Jesse moved to Los Angeles after graduating high school and attended Cal State-Dominguez Hills. It takes a lot of courage and motivation to succeed in a new situation. And Jesse’s been passing on his strengths to others from his very first job!

Jesse got his start helping those with special needs to learn new job skills and get better jobs as the Job Developer for Goodwill Industries. From there Jesse has helped people in many different ways:

  • He used his fluency in Spanish to become a Bilingual Case Manager assisting injured workers in expanding their own skill sets.

  • He helped educate welfare recipients on becoming self-sufficient for the City of LA Housing Authority.

  • Jesse then became the Manager of Job Development at WorkSource California, where he managed all activities helping the unemployed.

Jesse could have stayed in the field of helping the injured and unemployed, but, like you, he wanted to expand his abilities and opportunities. That led him to academic admissions first at the United Education Institute, then the California Learning Center before coming to LA ORT in 2006.

Jesse excels at guiding students thanks to his own experience, education and enthusiasm.

Never one to rest on his accomplishments, Jesse has even established a large network of government agencies that refer potential students to LA ORT. It’s a great way to further the mission of World ORT: to help everyone to a better tomorrow through training, education and more.

If you’d like to learn more about Jesse Velasco and how all of us at LA ORT College can help you achieve your educational and career goals, please contact us today!

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.