Why We Are Thankful at LA ORT

Why We Are Thankful at LA ORT

Here at LA ORT, we like to celebrate Thanksgiving by expressing our thankfulness. And, we have many, many reasons to be thankful. Here at LA ORT, we are proud of our legacy. As part of the ORT network, we are proud to be part of a non-profit organization that has helped over 300,000 students across 60 countries begin their career journey. For more than 25 years, here at the Los Angeles ORT College, we have built a solid reputation for helping students succeed inside and outside the classroom. We are thankful.

Our Staff is Like Family

We are thankful at LA ORT that our staff is like family. Our faculty has been carefully selected. While each faculty member brings his or her own strengths to LA ORT, they all share one same key quality. They are passionate about teaching and dedicated to their students’ success. Our faculty works together to help our students master the skills they need for successful employment.

Our Students Impress Us Every Day

At LA ORT, we feel lucky to have such amazing students who impress us every day. Our students come to us with dreams and goals and determination. They have chosen to better themselves by attending our career college, and they don’t take their education for granted. Whether they are using their creativity in our Digital Media programs or their attention to detail in our Accounting programs, they make us proud every day.

LA ORT graduation

Our School is Diverse

Located in beautiful Los Angeles, LA ORT has a diverse student body. Los Angeles, itself, is a cultural melting pot that people from all different backgrounds call home. At LA ORT, we embrace this diversity and celebrate it. Not only is our school filled with students of different ethnicities from Los Angeles, but LA ORT also has several international students. We are thankful for a school that brings awareness to other cultures.

LA ORT is Thankful for the Opportunity to Help Students Better Themselves

Finally, we are thankful for the freedom we have in America to better ourselves through education. At LA ORT, we value our student’s choice in attending our career college to better themselves and strive to help them succeed. That’s why we measure success by meeting (and exceeding) our student’s expectations. Learn more by visiting www.LAORT.edu or contacting us today at (800) 998-2678.