The Backbone of Medicine: Clinical Medical Assistants

The Backbone of Medicine: Clinical Medical Assistants

Have you ever wondered why there are so many nurses that work with doctors? Wouldn’t it make sense to have more doctors? Well, not necessarily. Doctors need a team to surround them to take care of smaller tasks while they perform the larger tasks, so without these nurses, they’d likely never get to the big stuff for being so busy doing other things that must be done first. Not all of the nurses are technically nurses; many of them are Clinical Medical Assistants.

A Clinical Medical Assistant plays an important role on a medical team, and for good reason. The assistant takes care of simpler tasks such as taking vital signs, doing blood draws, and handling medications for the patients, while they are also trained in administrative skills like computer software. Clinical Medical Assisting is one of America’s fastest growing career paths, due in large part to the growing numbers of facilities and elderly who need treatment. Without them, doctors would probably be pretty frantic trying to take this new patient’s vital signs while trying to diagnose the patient in the next room and update charts all at the same time. As a Clinical Medical Assistant, you’ll be providing many services to the healthcare team and the patients you work with.

As a Certified Medical Assistant, you can expect to make around $20,000 per year when starting out. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest reported salary was around $20,880 annually and the highest ten percent of Certified Medical Assistants made about $40,810 annual salary. In 2015, the median pay was $30,590 or $14.51 per hour. In this fast-growing career path, there is an expected increase of 23% over the ten-year period spanning 2014 to 2024, so there’s plenty of opportunity available for you!

ORT colleges in los angeles medical office managementNaturally, you’ll need a degree if you want to take this path, so you’ll need to find colleges in Los Angeles that offer the programs for it. As for Los Angeles colleges that offer medical assistant certifications and degrees, LA ORT has your back. We cover all the skills and training that you need to begin working in doctor offices, hospitals, and clinical laboratories right after graduation. We’ve even got you covered for your NCCT certification right on campus to make sure that you are fully prepared for the duties of a certified medical assistant.

In our program, you’ll learn all about lab tests, specimen handling, sterilization of equipment, administration of medications, Phlebotomy, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and first aid, Anatomy and Physiology, administering and interpreting Electrocardiograms, all the way down to removing stitches, changing bandages, and assisting with exams. How sharp are your communication skills? We’ll teach you more about positive communication with patients and team members as well, so literally everything you need to know about Clinical Medical Assisting is part of our program.

Once you graduate and you’re ready to get out in the field, you can also apply for your Certified Phlebotomy Technician 1 license. With all of these skills, certifications, and the degree under your belt, you’ll be prepared to work as a Medical Clinical Assistant, EKG assistant, and with the CPT1 license, a Phlebotomist. The opportunities are endless!

Are you excited now? We are! Nothing is more exciting than deciding where you want to go in life, and Medical Assisting is a great path to take. Ready to get started? Contact us or give one of the student advisors at an ORT college in Los Angeles near you a call right now at (800)998-2678 to learn more about the program or get started toward your degree right away. You’ll find all kinds of student services and financial aid at the ORT junior colleges in Los Angeles.

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