The Gift of a Lifetime

The Gift of a Lifetime

The holidays are a time of giving…and rushing…and buying…and rushing somewhere else….and making food! It’s a whirlwind of generosity. We spend the month shopping for our family and friends, creating great meals, planning evenings with loved ones. While enjoyable, it is very easy to forget one very important person in your life. Someone with whom you will be spending your whole life. Someone you rely on. This very exceptional person is you.

In all the chaos of shopping and cooking and giving, we are always stunned when we hit the next week with New Year Resolutions. After the holidays filled with food and gifts, we are suddenly looking at a list that generally includes losing the weight from the food and budgeting space, money and time after getting and giving all those gifts. Thinking about our personal growth seems a distant memory, about as distant as Thanksgiving dinner. So this year, it is time for a shift.

Many people reward themselves of another year successfully completed with a small vacation or a spa day. But few truly take that courageous next step into really changing their lives to be even better and more enriched.

As we move into a more technological career world, training specific to one’s goals is an absolute necessity. And a rich, rewarding career is a lifetime gift not just for one’s self, but also for the family. A new career can provide excellent financial support as well as the benefits of full time, long term employment like healthcare, retirement funds and paid time off.

LA ORT is one such place that can help an individual get on a speedy track to a whole new career. LA ORT’s mission is to meet the educational and vocational needs of the students in a small amount of time while nurturing the student in all facets of their career change. Employment Preparation courses are included in all the programs which help students with the interview process as well as many other aspects of the job hunt.

In two weeks we will all be knee deep in New Year Resolutions, so now is the best time to get a head start on the improvements in our life we have been meaning to do for so long.

So give yourself the gift of knowledge and a life change you’ve always wanted. The gift of new beginning through LA ORT. It’s time for a new beginning, it’s time to call a LA ORT Advisor today! Contact one of our colleges in Los Angeles or Van Nuys. We offer many student services and financial aid packages that can help you find your dream job. LA ORT has programs from business and digital media to medical office management and pharmacy technology administration.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.