The Pros of Being an Accounting Major!

An accountant is a business professional hired to assist clients with their financial records and transactions. For those who are number savvy, have a good head for budgets, and know their way around a financial statement, this field can be incredibly rewarding.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a job in accounting and keep this information in mind as you consider your next career move.

  • Countless Industries. One of the best perks of the accounting field is the wide selection of industries accountants can choose to work within. Businesses of almost every kind need financial assistance, and as a result, accountants can service brokerage houses or consulting firms, private businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.


    • Variety of Positions. Accounting professionals can also choose from a variety of occupations, including positions in auditing, banking, tax preparation, management consulting, payroll management, credit management, accounts payable and receivable, and general bookkeeping. Accounting skills make lateral career moves relatively easy should you wish to transition to another industry.

    • Range of Work Environments. Depending on the industry and occupation they feel drawn to, accountants usually have their pick of work environments. Those who prefer to stay in smaller offices may work as a certified public accountant or bookkeeper, while those who like to work in a larger, bustling office setting can pursue a career at a booming corporation.

    • Open Job Market. Those who study accounting will find their job outlook is extremely favorable. Due to increased financial regulations in recent years, more and more businesses are in need of an accountant’s services. Professionals with a solid educational background in accounting may secure a job in their preferred location relatively easily.
    • Tax Benefits. There are many tax incentives that you and your family can receive if you are currently saving for, paying or repaying the costs of higher education. You could qualify for incentives such as a Hope and Lifetime Learning Credit, tuition deduction, or a deduction on the interest you pay on your qualified student loans.

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