The Real Cost of Continuing Your Education

The Real Cost of Continuing Your Education

         When one thinks of the process of continuing their education, they immediately picture a 4-year prestigious university. Another thing people considering continuing education think of is the often enormous cost of going to college This is a common example of a college experience. It is seen as traditional to attend a 4-year university and every year tuition prices rise higher and higher., it is easy to wonder if it is even worth going to college anymore.
         If you’re not happy with your current job and you’re looking for something better, you’ll have a more difficult time with only a high school education. According to the National Center for Education, those who were college educated, on average, make $15,000 more a year versus those with only a high school degree. What really adds value to your education is what you study and where.
         While the most obvious choice is for attending a 4-year university, a growing option is attending a career college. There are many advantages in attending a career college over the traditional university. The main advantages in choosing a technical school over a traditional 4-year college education are the cost, the skills learned, and the time spent. Many are figuring out that although it may not be the first kind of school thought of, a degree at a technical college is becoming the more practical option for furthering one’s education.

        The most immediate difference in choosing which type of school you attend is the cost. A degree at a technical college is usually more affordable than that of a university. The average education at a 4-year college or university costs $127,000 while the average education at a trade school costs $33,000. That’s almost a $100,000 dollar difference in savings right away.
         The next consideration in choosing where you’ll continue your education and what you’ll study is how likely you’ll be to be employed after you’re finished. While it seems like more education would automatically be better, it is important to remember that what you learn in school is also important. More than ever, the real growth in the job market are those jobs considered in the “middle.” These are jobs in industries that can be filled by a technical degree over a bachelors. The skills taught in technical schools are considered more useful because they fulfill more requirements for the jobs that need filling.  Students who choose to learn an in-demand trade at a technical college are the prime candidates to fill these growing positions, being more likely to find work.
         Not only can students in career colleges learn more in-demand skills over universities, but they can also learn these skills more quickly. Not only can the cost of a university be a burden, but spending more time at them also takes away from one’s time to earn the money back in the job force. Getting a 1-year degree, technical degree instead of staying at a university adds 3 more years of income to the equation.
         Los Angeles ORT has many affordable degrees in growing fields. Many of our programs can be finished in one year, putting you back into the world quickly and more able to find jobs that are in-demand. Above all else, our staff is here to help you get through the entire process. If you’re looking for a more efficient way to continue your education, consider speaking to an ORT advisor today. We’ll help you begin the path to a more secure and promising future.

LA ORT is a group of nonprofit junior colleges in Los Angeles and Van Nuys provide career training in short term courses.

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